Our Products

Our first and main product has always been the Majorcan fish (local product) and we continue to search for other products from around the world to meet a wider range of customers, among others, select products and trout roe, salmon, sea urchin, etc.., crabmeat Russian (kamchatka), crab meat, sea urchin, not to mention the precious Iranian caviar (sturgeon eggs) and Perlita French caviar.

Free delivery to restaurants and yachts

At Pescados Carmen we deliver to restaurants and yachts. Phone us or send us an email or come visit us at the market and choose from our wide range of fish and seafood. Our service is always fast and efficient.


We try to give the best service of cleaning, eviscerating and filleting all types of fish. We pack and vacuum pack them to improve storage in the refrigerator or freezer. We have the Certificate of Excellent Trade in each of our stalls.


product catalog at your fingertips

Always offering the best value, maximum freshness and great service. The products we sell are fresh and frozen Fish and Seafood, precooked, processed, frozen vegetables, gluten free products, Asian products, sushi, sashimi, etc..